Why EVERY Business Needs SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO (pronounced S-E-O) is the set of skills and techniques that enable a website to be more easily found on the internet. The ‘Search Engine’ part of the term refers mainly to Google, but also to other search engines like Microsoft’s Bing. These search engines use complicated sofware and algorithms to try to catalog every page of the internet in order to deliver the most accurate results possible to a user when they perform a search.

The job of the SEO (Search Engine Optimizer in this case) is to understand how search engines work and to mold their client’s site so it will be viewed most favorably by the search engines when someone enters a relevant search term for their business.

FOR EXAMPLE: If I own a barber shop in Raleigh, it would surely bring me loads of business to be the first result when someone searches Google for the term “men’s haircut Raleigh” on their computer or phone!

That is exactly what our mission is at Esoteric SEO: to keep your business at the top of search results for your key search terms. Of course SEO success is not simple, and requires a broand range of knowledge and techniques in addition to consistent upkeep.

Please take a look at our Services Page to learn about the ways in which Esoteric can help boost and maintain your web position and bring in new business while allowing you to keep doing what you do best: making your clients and customers happy!

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